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About Us

A family furniture business, from Generation to Generation

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Jack Curren was born and raised in Elmira, New York. Before ever entering the furniture business, Jack worked in traveling sales for Westbend Cookware Company. Being a natural people person, Jack excelled in this role. 

After moving on from the Cookware business, Jack began hauling furniture out of New England for a distributor, and became a self taught truck driver. By the early 1970's he was an area sales manager, and ran 2 trucks per week through Pennsylvania. 

Jack then began to work trade shows, and was approached by a manufacturer about representing their furniture line. Next thing you know, Jack was repping multiple lines, and ultimately decided to open Jack's Home Furnishings in 1998. 

At this time, his Son Scott, and daughter Dee, were still in grade school, but were involved in helping with the business. For years the business flourished and became a staple of the Mechanicsburg area. In 2008, the Curren family decided to sell the store to Miller's Furniture, and continue doing wholesale out of Lancaster, PA. However, life brought them back 6.5 years later when they reacquired the business, naming it "Curren's Family Furniture", and Jack's son Scott took the reigns of the business. Even though Jack has moved on from running the day to day operations of the business, he's often still found working the showroom floor, and continues to represent several brands for other stores across the East Coast.


Curren family Furniture continues to offer outstanding quality, hand crafted furniture to the Central Pennsylvania region through their wholesale warehouse. They specialize in outdoor Poly Furniture, Bedroom Sets, and a variety of other home furnishings.

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